DuAullServices Fiji 


Abrasive Sand/Garnet Blasting

Du Aull Services is your go to company for all your hydro and hot water blasting needs. Our equipment is portable, fast, reliable and fully equipment to waterblast from property maintenance to paint, oil and grease removal.

Large Vessels, Factory Floors, Service Stations, Food & oil Grade Silos and Bridges are some of the projects which we carry out on a regular basis


Marine & Industrial Coating Specialist

With over 30 years experience in this field

Du Aull Services has industrial property maintainance down to a T. With equipment on hand to cover every base, we have pride ourselves to be one of Fiji’s most reliable and top quality services where Corrosion Specialist are concerned.

In 2015 Alone Du Aull has managed to carry out maintenance/refurbishment works to over 70 Large Vessels and 20 Bridges, not including our industrial works with new factory builds, Silos and factories.Type your paragraph here.


Commercial & Residential Water blasting

As the sole Infrastructure provider for the fiji international Pro Golf Of Australia since 2014, we have some of the most comprehensive tents, marquees and exhibition equipment in the country. All our equipment is of international standards and meets all required ISO standards.

With Over 20+ tents in stock ranging from 3m to 40m in length and exhibition equipment to accommodate 250-300 booths, it is hard to go to unnoticed when comparing your complete source for infrastructure and exhibition gear.

Trade Show & Exhibition Hire

Abrasive blasting is in our blood and so it should be. as this is one of the core skills that our company offers. We pride ourselves in having some of the best equipment in the country carrying out works ranging from small scale works right up to large scale blasting works for Bridges, Silos and other engineering projects

Our painting services in the industrial sector is well known for having some of the highest standards in protective coatings. Our projects have covered most of Fiji in regards to all your painting needs, and with some of the largest companies giving great reviews and recommendations you know we are your go to company for your complete coatings requirements.

With some of the most robust, high end and industrial painting  equipment under our coatings portfolios we are able to supply you with your complete painting necessities.

 Fulton Hogan, MWH, Flour Mills Of Fiji, Tri Pacific, Golden Ocean, South Seas Slipway, & Solander are some of the largest affiliated projects which we have completed and currently carrying out.